Villa Leena Garden

Villa Leena is located in the middle of slope Paramonasin village olive groves a morning wake up song of cocks and chickens cackle, the atmosphere is very genuine. Villa Leena is 2 floors and 4 apartments which 3 rent. Villa has its own beautiful garden where the fruit trees, a lot of flowers, in addition to green spaces seats and outdoor shower. Whole area is fenced and region also have their own parking space.

One of 55m2 apartment in the Villa can be found in the upper floor big balcony at you can admire, as well as sea and mountain view, the apartment is suitable for 2 - 4 persons.

The ground floor is about two 60m2 apartments which have their own big tiled and furnished terraces the green garden, apartments suitable for 2 - 5 persons.

Lovely sandy beach with a crystal-clear water is a journey only 200m or hiking path along the 500m, the shoreline is gently deepening. The shore you can hire a sunbeds, parasols in addition to the beach can be found in dressing rooms, terrace restaurant and Cuba Libre bar. Village 700m away is a great lagoon which is swell sandy shoreline and reefs snorkeling good opportunities.


Agios Matheos

Paramonas is located in the west coast 23 kilometers from the town of Corfu. This quiet village is a two-mountain valley with the two on the ground has been monasteries, where you can do for example, a very good hiking trip. The region, they have a really good hiking opportunities great olive groves, lush and beautiful in nature where the huge birds sing from morning till night. Near has been a lot of little villages early in the morning with little old ladys go kitchen garden or the olive groves of firewoods to collect.

The village is 4 Taverns where a Greek the way the whole family will work and get a delicious Greek homemade and wine. Weekends Taverns is a folk dance and Greek live music. Corfu largest village in Agios Mattheos (pictured) is located 2 kilometers from the Paramonas which is home to about 2000 permanent inhabitants. Village can be found in supermarket, pharmacy, post office, meat, fruit and vegetable shops, Taverns, cafes and other services. Every day fishermans are selling from fresh fish. Agios Mattheos a bus on a daily basis the town of Corfu and if Taxin services need and we'll also organized by subscribing. Leena can be rented cars, mountainbikes and scooters, cars will be delivered to the airport, where appropriate and may also leave the airport.

Villa Leena Garden Villa Leena Garden


The sunny Leena

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